Health Innovation Global Forum

Science, technology, and data for building resilient and sustainable health systems.
This Global Forum will offer an international platform for a debate on the new frontiers of science, technology and on the need to build resilient and sustainable health systems in the developed as well as developing countries, in line with the activities and declarations developed under the G20 Italy.
The vision

The pandemic will be the catalyst of innovative improvements in technologies, mechanisms and structures for the prevention and response of health threats and the management of health systems, which have to be implemented at local, national and international level, because we live in an interconnected and interdependent world where infectious diseases do not know boundaries.

This Global Forum will engage top representatives from the institutions and the business community, as well as senior scientific experts, and will contribute to place health and life sciences  as one of the driving forces of the Theme Innovation and technology of the Expo 2020 Dubai

Mission & Objectives
  1. Placing the legacy on health, science, and technology promoted by Italy during the G20 at the centre of the World Expo in order to create synergies and dialogue and medium-term relationships with global partners, as well as promote the contribution of the Italian and European Life Sciences ecosystem;
  2. Establishing high-level relationships with international partners to support projects. Attracting new investments and R&D projects in Italy within the Life Sciences sector;
  3. Repeating the Forum in MIND on an annual basis.

Position Paper

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Press Release

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