Carlo Bonomi

President Confindustria
"In recent years, the pandemic has made even more evident the universal value of health as a prerequisite for quality of life and individual freedom, without which there is no social cohesion and economic development. Confindustria, as evidenced by the establishment within the B20 of the Task Force dedicated to the chain of health and life sciences, pays great attention to these issues. The challenge of the coming years will be to develop new approaches to respond to health pressures, moving from a simple response to crises to a long-term vision of resilient and sustainable health systems. Italy has all the prerequisites to succeed: a qualified public system and an excellent, advanced and competitive business system. But what is needed is a decisive sharing of intentions and a strong synergy between all the players involved. It is, in fact, now clear that the goals of life sciences are a goal for the whole country, for the whole community".

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