Diana Bracco

President Alisei
“Our global forum intends to provide a platform to discuss together the new frontiers of science and technology in the medical field, and their crucial role in promoting the sustainability and resilience of healthcare systems, both in advanced and developing countries. One year ago, no one could have imagined that in such a short time, so many vaccines and medicines would have become available. This success was the result of global research fully supported by international and domestic institutions – an extraordinary life sciences effort, characterized by public and private collaboration which proved to be a precious investment for the well-being and growth of people and society. The present challenge is to not stop, and to initiate a profound change of mentality regarding the way we all view research and health care. According to the recommendations developed by the B20, coordinated by Confindustria and recently delivered to the G20 nations, all governments should promote innovative, resilient and sustainable healthcare ecosystems; systems that liberate the full potential of science, technology and data, also encouraging new public/private partnerships both domestically and globally, linking health policies with industrial activities, especially in regards to sustainability. In conclusion, I will remind you that it is our intention to make this Global Forum an annual event, in order to have periodic updates on new advancements in Health and Life Sciences. Indeed, our Cluster ALISEI strives to be a great engine of innovation and aims to promote industrial policies that see research and innovation as an essential element of social and economic progress."

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